Nintendo's New 2 Screened Marval

Saturday, June 19, 2004

NEWS: Nintendo GBA 2 in development (Nope not the DS)

Nope im not talking about the Nintendo DS.
Not at all,
Something diffrent
The Head of David Gosen admitted at a recent ELSPA conference
Ninetndo are developing a GBA succesor to join their long line of gameboy products.
Codenamed "Gameboy Evolution" no major details have leaked out on it yet.

At the moment We only know that its in development and i suspect we'll hear more about it in the coming few months so stay tuned.
Nintendo have always made a loud bang in the handheld world with each of their portable consoles being an instant sucess with adults and children buying them.
Nintendo has dominated the handheld sector for a long time is it time for someone else to sit on the throne...?
Well PSP & its friends emerged at E3 to try and take it all from Nintendo.
This is why i exepct Nintendo announced two handhelds insted on one, They needed more ground to stand on,
More Arms to Fight With.
But think about it, is this really a good idea?
I mean is it really a good idea to tell potential customers they are coming out with two handhelds around the same time?
expansion is always a good thing now im not saying it isn't.
But won't this have the consumers confused about which on to buy?
Sure one may be aimed at one audience and the other at another audience but can't you imagine people confused with which one to go with?
We dont want something lighting a cigar for us, we want simple gaming,
thats all.

The handheld market is getting crowded as more and more handhelds are being announced ,alot of them at E3.
With Tapwave Zodiac, Tigers Gizmondo, Sonys' PSP.
Only time will tell as 2005 will be the year of Handheld Bloodshed.
Prices will drop and handhelds will flop..
I just hope Nintendo DS lives long enough to see daylight.